The Stony Brook WTC Wellness Program offers comprehensive, integrative healthcare of 9/11-related illnesses for WTC disaster responders. Integral to our mission of patient-centered care is an enduring support community, advocacy for our 9/11 responders, and cutting edge research efforts.

Message from the Directors:

When we started our work with the 9/11 responder community, we never dreamed our center would grow as much as it has over the years. We’ve evolved from providing limited health monitoring services to a few hundred WTC workers and responders to monitoring and treating many thousands of people, in addition to our robust research program and education and outreach efforts under the umbrella of the Stony Brook WTC Wellness Program. This is both extremely gratifying and bittersweet—the Program provides much needed services that we wish were not needed at all.

As you’ll see in pages that follow, all our work is connected. It’s our goal to offer our 9/11 responders much more than standard outpatient services. For countless of these individuals, September 11, 2001, is as present as if it just happened. Our care philosophy centers on community—everything we do here, from medical services to research to public education, is done with our patients’ interests in mind. Their courageous work at the WTC site has resulted in lasting physical, psychological, and emotional effects that continue to change and develop over time, and because of this, we strive to continue evolving as well.

All of this is why legislation like the James Zadroga Act is critical. And that is part of why our perspective on care encompasses so many things: we offer education so that the general public understands that this is an ongoing battle; we ensure our responders are empowered in their own care; and we run an innovative research program so that we can offer the most up-to-date and effective medical care possible. In short, we are here to serve our responders and the community at large.

We hope you’ll join us in the fight.


Benjamin J. Luft, MD, Director and Principal Investigator

Melodie Guerrera, Administrative Director

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